martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Photography Time

I have had like 4 big test last week, and tomorrow another one! English test, Question tags and Simple Present Passsive sucks, But I am still happy for my last 70/70 in the same signature and the fact that in the weekend I went to the port (Or some kind of fish central, I don't remember the name) and took a million of pictures! Uploading one of thems, a boat =) a little bird and some random pictures of a golf space that has sea too, and obviously grass, and being my dad's caddy I took pics too :)
When I arrived at this sea port it smelled, obviously very Fishy but then I got used to it. And later I found a little extremly adorable little kitten, but had a disease so i coudn't touch her / him :(

That picture over there, my dad playing (not really good) and as usual in a bunker of sand, playing a "sand-y" golf ball
I love taking pictures, really Love, but I don't have the time, the enthusiasm the stuff to take pictures, just a small camera I bought with my own money and Also I am way too young to be a real photographer, but I'll keep trying! Using my flickr I share my work, but it's not like a piece of art, It's just me and my photos,what can I say?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like shit, and then trying to get up?
Have you ever found yourself feeling like "I need to exprese this" in a way you get off all the preasure of your day-a-day life? Feeling like leaving it all?
That's how I feel. Or how I used to feel, There's a big difference between them..

I coudn't not publish this little guy in my house the other day :)

I have to leave now, not forever but i gotta go sleep :) Tomorrow will be better, I know it
Wish me good luck in my test, I really need a high score! :S
Oh I forgot to ask you guys, How was your day? I really care =)
Did you like my pictures?

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  1. hey there sophia :D

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog.

    lovely photos! don't worry about "not having enough time" or "stuff" because expensive equipment doesn't always mean you'll get good photos. i think you have the talent to take good photos with only your camera! also you can always edit them using photoscape hehehe.

    that's so sad about the kitten! D:

    anyway my email address is

    you can definitely email me if you wanna chat. i don't check email that much but still i'll try to reply asap!

    if you ever wanna exchange links, just tell me kay. :D