sábado, 17 de julio de 2010


Hell-o (Like the Glee episode)
Ok well i don't like introductions, they're too awkward for me to deal with.
I'm Sophia, you can call me Sophia and this is my blog! I use way too much Glee references and music lyrics and i always tell the story from the middle (I usually forget details)
Oh and I speak Spanish, so this gonna be fun!
I'll try to write a lot, like everyday and with good grammar (The Hard part)
but i hope it's not gonna be like: "I have a blooog" -2 days Later- "Do i have a blog?·
This is gonna be a fun experience for all the non-readers of my blog!
I think nobody's gona read this,so is gonna be my secret diary :)

Sophie Lemon .·.

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