martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Photography Time

I have had like 4 big test last week, and tomorrow another one! English test, Question tags and Simple Present Passsive sucks, But I am still happy for my last 70/70 in the same signature and the fact that in the weekend I went to the port (Or some kind of fish central, I don't remember the name) and took a million of pictures! Uploading one of thems, a boat =) a little bird and some random pictures of a golf space that has sea too, and obviously grass, and being my dad's caddy I took pics too :)
When I arrived at this sea port it smelled, obviously very Fishy but then I got used to it. And later I found a little extremly adorable little kitten, but had a disease so i coudn't touch her / him :(

That picture over there, my dad playing (not really good) and as usual in a bunker of sand, playing a "sand-y" golf ball
I love taking pictures, really Love, but I don't have the time, the enthusiasm the stuff to take pictures, just a small camera I bought with my own money and Also I am way too young to be a real photographer, but I'll keep trying! Using my flickr I share my work, but it's not like a piece of art, It's just me and my photos,what can I say?

Have you ever found yourself feeling like shit, and then trying to get up?
Have you ever found yourself feeling like "I need to exprese this" in a way you get off all the preasure of your day-a-day life? Feeling like leaving it all?
That's how I feel. Or how I used to feel, There's a big difference between them..

I coudn't not publish this little guy in my house the other day :)

I have to leave now, not forever but i gotta go sleep :) Tomorrow will be better, I know it
Wish me good luck in my test, I really need a high score! :S
Oh I forgot to ask you guys, How was your day? I really care =)
Did you like my pictures?

viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Hello hello, I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello (Hello Goodbye-The Beatles )

Hello, How are you guys? Thanks for following me!
Well my day has been quite bad. My eye, when I woke up, it was RED and big big and horrible-looking, and Turn out it was an allergy, and now I use sunglasses everywhere because I don't want anyone to see my horrible red eye :(
But In theatre academy, thing went quite well! I was doing a monologue, I mean I was suppose to bring one but i didn't, so I made it up during my little presentation, and I was proud of it! It was very very good!
And I have to go to my dad's house today, that is usually boring but I am going to take even more Photos of the sea and all that stuff! Now I gotta go, but I won't be bored anymore, I'll go and take pics and pics! Even I have to do it with sunglasses in Winter, Bye and Thanks followers!
What do you think of the photo? (Taken by me) Please comment!
How was your day?

miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010


And I think everybody should know that.
Yesterday, Chremistry test. Today nothing thank god. Tomorrow Language and Maths test and i have study absolutly nothing. Friday History (SPARTAA) Test.
Gosh I am so tired! Can wait to go and sleep, but i still have to study, and it gives me a baaaahabaa
Today was NOT a good day, all the day tired and sleepy, and not uderstanding anything at all :(
Tomorrow's gonna be a good day (I hope so)
This post is a little short, i'll try to do it bigger next time.
Oh and did you saw this white baby with 2 black parents? Not trying to be racist but WOW! sounds quite interesting! Oh and I've got a 70/70 in English class, one of the hardest class in the school!
Oh and the pretty-much-like-me girl, called Denisse is doing the P.E.T.! And since last year i've wanted to do it! Gosh im angry/tired/bored/hungry
Bye bye and good night, 4 followers


lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

1 Follower- celebration

Oh my god Oh my go Oh my god *Oh my god attack* Oh my god Oh my god!
I have 1 follower! Yay for me! :)

Now, Changing the subject, Why I am not studying?
Tomorrow is my Chemistry test! So nervous about it, It hasn't been a very good year in chemistry or Physics, or Biology... or Science at all! ARGH! I want to be a koala :)
Okay, if i am not a koala and if i am not a millionare from one-day-to-another, I'll have to study something to earn some $-$ money to buy things right? What shall I study! I really don't know!
Maybe i will be a Psycologist, or a Lawyer, or something like that, or something with languages but something I like to do! I always say "If you don't study what you like to do, you will stay your whole life being an angry man/woman and that's always a bad thing" Amirite?

And let's face it, physics and chemistry are SO not helping you in daily life, or Let's say I am a lawyer, will the fact that it " is a physical science which studies of various atomes, molecules, crystals and other aggregates of matter whether in isolation or combination, bla bla bla" will help me in my day-a-day lawyer life?
And the answer is... No!
But, deeply, deeply in my heart I know i have to pass Science with good grades, so i'll try to have good grades! Even my teacher hates me.. And that's true!
She doesn't teaches AT ALL! She don't explain things, she doesn't pay attention when you're asking her something, she doesn't answer/explain well the answers to my Q's and she looks
like a llama! Her secret name is Cuzco Llama, like in the emperor's adventures (Is that the name of the movie about Cuzco who is turned a llama by Izma?)

Well, leaving that in a side It's been a good day!
And my parents are buying the tickets of MY SISTER, GOIN TO FREAKIN PARIS, in September, and of course without me. Well, it's her 15 birthday, right?
Well i want to tell something too, I would love to go to Parìs
At least I am spending two vacations weeks in September in my granma's house in the south, where is green and cold and we bake yummy things almost every day! Is maybe not 'Ce Magnific Français Cuisine, But is something yummy

And i have to leave you, 1 follower, people that don't follow me,
I have to study evil chemistry, excusè mua
To finish my post i wish you all a very very Happy 'Get Out of the Doghouse Day' and of course a very, very happy "National Raspberry Cake Day"
And remember tomorrow is Gisele Bunchen's birthday, if you see her in the street
Oh and Ugly Truck Contest Day & National Lollipop Day

Oh my god! I love random holidays!!

See you guys all tomorrow!! Bye bye
Sophia aka Me!

The picture here was taken by me in my city, see more in Please comment! :)

sábado, 17 de julio de 2010

My life till now. Really, my day

Hello girls and boys and Aliens and Dogs, nice to (don't) see you all again!
Well I am still here, quite bored, after talking to my friend like for 2 hours via Skype, well after like 1 hour and 30 minutes of She showing me her Glee pictures i realizes she is a Gleek
And not like a normal one, She is a Jayma Mays-fan one which, is not bad but sometimes she is kinda OBSESSED! (Aren't all of us, obsessed with something?) But i Love her! in a friendly way! She's adorable and nice *-* but she lives like miles and miles and mileas and miles away! (She lives in New Zealand, she is awaaay! from me)
So, anything interesting happened today? No. Oh Yes! I made myself a forsmpring, here --> Yay for me! Cheers! Woo-hoo!
I shoulnd't get THAT excited about a formdspring, is it normal?
Okay, i admit i went to eat some Quesadillas before finishing the post but Quesadillas are so yummy! :D
So, it's Saturday and I am in home, my week was pretty bad, I've been sick all the week :|
In my bedside table there are: tissuees, water, tea, pills, more tissues, a yoyo (?) and perfume(?)
Oh and don't forget my lovely IPOD! Brand new! Gosh i love it ♥
And that's pretty much my day and all my thoughts, well really i didn't tell all my day but, do you guys really want to hear my day in my pj's and eating chewy (cereal bar, really nice) ?
I think you guys don't want. Well that's all, now i'll try to sleep even there is a party in the house next to mine. Oh my...

Sophia Lemon .·. ★ (Now is a star, that's a big change.)


Hell-o (Like the Glee episode)
Ok well i don't like introductions, they're too awkward for me to deal with.
I'm Sophia, you can call me Sophia and this is my blog! I use way too much Glee references and music lyrics and i always tell the story from the middle (I usually forget details)
Oh and I speak Spanish, so this gonna be fun!
I'll try to write a lot, like everyday and with good grammar (The Hard part)
but i hope it's not gonna be like: "I have a blooog" -2 days Later- "Do i have a blog?·
This is gonna be a fun experience for all the non-readers of my blog!
I think nobody's gona read this,so is gonna be my secret diary :)

Sophie Lemon .·.