miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010


And I think everybody should know that.
Yesterday, Chremistry test. Today nothing thank god. Tomorrow Language and Maths test and i have study absolutly nothing. Friday History (SPARTAA) Test.
Gosh I am so tired! Can wait to go and sleep, but i still have to study, and it gives me a baaaahabaa
Today was NOT a good day, all the day tired and sleepy, and not uderstanding anything at all :(
Tomorrow's gonna be a good day (I hope so)
This post is a little short, i'll try to do it bigger next time.
Oh and did you saw this white baby with 2 black parents? Not trying to be racist but WOW! sounds quite interesting! Oh and I've got a 70/70 in English class, one of the hardest class in the school!
Oh and the pretty-much-like-me girl, called Denisse is doing the P.E.T.! And since last year i've wanted to do it! Gosh im angry/tired/bored/hungry
Bye bye and good night, 4 followers


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