lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

1 Follower- celebration

Oh my god Oh my go Oh my god *Oh my god attack* Oh my god Oh my god!
I have 1 follower! Yay for me! :)

Now, Changing the subject, Why I am not studying?
Tomorrow is my Chemistry test! So nervous about it, It hasn't been a very good year in chemistry or Physics, or Biology... or Science at all! ARGH! I want to be a koala :)
Okay, if i am not a koala and if i am not a millionare from one-day-to-another, I'll have to study something to earn some $-$ money to buy things right? What shall I study! I really don't know!
Maybe i will be a Psycologist, or a Lawyer, or something like that, or something with languages but something I like to do! I always say "If you don't study what you like to do, you will stay your whole life being an angry man/woman and that's always a bad thing" Amirite?

And let's face it, physics and chemistry are SO not helping you in daily life, or Let's say I am a lawyer, will the fact that it " is a physical science which studies of various atomes, molecules, crystals and other aggregates of matter whether in isolation or combination, bla bla bla" will help me in my day-a-day lawyer life?
And the answer is... No!
But, deeply, deeply in my heart I know i have to pass Science with good grades, so i'll try to have good grades! Even my teacher hates me.. And that's true!
She doesn't teaches AT ALL! She don't explain things, she doesn't pay attention when you're asking her something, she doesn't answer/explain well the answers to my Q's and she looks
like a llama! Her secret name is Cuzco Llama, like in the emperor's adventures (Is that the name of the movie about Cuzco who is turned a llama by Izma?)

Well, leaving that in a side It's been a good day!
And my parents are buying the tickets of MY SISTER, GOIN TO FREAKIN PARIS, in September, and of course without me. Well, it's her 15 birthday, right?
Well i want to tell something too, I would love to go to Parìs
At least I am spending two vacations weeks in September in my granma's house in the south, where is green and cold and we bake yummy things almost every day! Is maybe not 'Ce Magnific Français Cuisine, But is something yummy

And i have to leave you, 1 follower, people that don't follow me,
I have to study evil chemistry, excusè mua
To finish my post i wish you all a very very Happy 'Get Out of the Doghouse Day' and of course a very, very happy "National Raspberry Cake Day"
And remember tomorrow is Gisele Bunchen's birthday, if you see her in the street
Oh and Ugly Truck Contest Day & National Lollipop Day

Oh my god! I love random holidays!!

See you guys all tomorrow!! Bye bye
Sophia aka Me!

The picture here was taken by me in my city, see more in Please comment! :)

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